In Ohio from 2007-2008 independent music thrived. Start A Fire is a multi-platform documentary series featuring exclusive videos and podcasts with the artists who were a part of this movement and beyond.

"Total immersion into Ohio rock, punk, alternative and hip-hop music."

“A tribute to independent Ohio music in all its ragged glory."

“A romp through some of the best shows in and around the rock realm over the past handful of years."

“A rockin’ film.”

*Intro to the series:

The video clips that you will see in this series are not for the feint of heart. These videos are from the trenches and mosh-pits of some of the largest venues in Ohio, down to the lonely bars where music and booze went hand in hand. It was a time of ambition and resistance in a declining Midwestern society, all through the power of music, that ultimately gave the people something to care about. Whether they intended to do so or not, the musicians and artists captured for the purposes of this documentary series did something significant. What they did was start a fire.*