Hounded #1: Page 9

Are you in suspense yet?

I sure hope so. I hope this multi-image layout of the hero dodging the corporate guards makes you want to turn the page. (I’m laughing out loud because you can’t yet!)

As the pages of Hounded are released every week, I grow more excited to see the entire issue come to fruition. As you all know, Hounded the webcomic is a cross-over with our feature film, Fixer, which has sequels lined up—and if you know that then you also know we are not only currently doing a webcomic, a feature film, and a short film right now. What you may not know is everything we have lined up for you.

That’s right. We have even more in development and plan on generating engaging content to bring to you on a regular basis. As the pages of Hounded are released, as Fixer and The Chest come together in post, we’re working hard to create content that will keep you coming back to us, Crooked Abe, and regard us as a reliable place to find some interesting, thought out, meaningful and entertaining content on the internet.

Yes, we’re sort of being a little discreet about our projects because, well—we want to keep you in suspense. Look at Will, the hero of Hounded up there, jumping over obstacles and running for his life. And then regard you. Poor you, not knowing what will happen to him on the next page. Yes, we did that on purpose. We want to tell stories that will make you want you to come back.

If you’re dying to know what happens to Will—and if you’re excited about who (kind of) makes an appearance later in the issue—just tune in next week for another page. Maybe visit the archives, start from square one. Maybe share it with someone you know if you like it. At the end of the day, that’s why we’re doing this.