Hounded #1: Page 8

I love technology. Without it I wouldn't be able to do my job, or at least I wouldn't be able to do my job while living in the middle of nowhere.

As some of you may know, I live in a tiny town in Nevada. It's a long way from the other 2/3 of Crooked Abe who are wheeling and dealing down in Hollywood. For the most part, technology allows us to keep the company together. We plan, collaborate and share through emails, chats and the cloud. But, sometimes technology can't do it all and you have to settle for old school face-to-face human interaction.

This past week my boys and I went on a little adventure. Part vacation, part business trip, we packed up the car and made the day-long drive down to Hollywood. We saw the sites and spent a couple days at Universal Studios (I've never been a fan of 3D movies, but 3D sure has a place in magic motion rides!). But most importantly, Nate, Josh and I got a chance to sit down and go over the company's future.

We have some big plans. We're looking at ways to bring some new and interesting content to the site. We talked about a new webcomic, podcasts, webcasts and videos. You name it, we want to make it.

So, keep reading, and be ready for new surprises as we get ready for the release of Fixer and The Chest.