Hounded #1: Page 5

Stop. Go to the 'First' button, click it, and read this from the beginning.

No really, it's ok. I'll wait.

All caught up? Good!

This is an on-going story, an adaptation of a screenplay (and one that I'd love to get on screen eventually) – but until that happens, I am incredibly excited by having my writing brought to life in another one of my passions – comics.

Growing up, I was introduced to Marvel first (my dad was a collector, and owned comics older than me!) and love what Marvel is doing with their movies (It's like a series where each episode costs $200 million) – but DC is striking back. 'Arrow' is brilliant, 'The Flash' and 'Gotham' are both coming and look incredible. (Not to mention Chris Nolan's brilliant Batman movies)

Now, independent comics are taking off as well. Bad Kids Go to Hell, The Crow, Judge Dredd, and so many more. I love 'em all!
(and hope to one day be among them, as we bring Hounded to the screen!)

In the mean time, this story is just beginning. This world is growing. I started by writing Hounded, but realized that there was a whole other story going on behind the scenes – that story is what grew into our first feature film, Fixer. (Named after a character that appears in the film and will definitely be a force in the world of Hounded as well)

By the time I started writing Fixer, I already had a casting in mind. I knew Nathan, and was impressed with his work ethic, and the seeming centuries of experience that he radiates. (They talk about old souls, but Nate personifies it - trust me, he was a natural for Fixer) As we started to work on Fixer, Nate wanted answers to questions about so much. Many things far beyond the script, many that I hadn't considered. He pushed me to develop a reality.

The truth is; it is that work that has spawned this comic. Nate deserves a creator credit, as his contribution can not be underestimated. But the real fun is to come. We are starting work on a trailer for Fixer – and that movie will directly affect this comic: characters will cross over, choices in one will have huge ramifications in the other, and while each story will always stand on its own – you won't know the whole truth without following both.

Trust me; Will's trouble is just beginning.

I may be writing this, but I don't get to see the art until you do. I am so excited to see what Ryan has for next week!

So, stay with us!