Hounded #1: Page 4

I’ve been in a love triangle with film and comic books my entire life. When Josh came to me about his idea to combine both, I was instantly driven to get involved in any way possible. I couldn’t have been more enthusiastic when Josh offered me the opportunity to enter the world of Fixer by letting me take on the role of the title character himself.

After months of rehearsing and working to develop Fixer, the character had become such a part of me that I began to dread saying goodbye. After we shot Fixer, I was depressed to step away from a character I had worked so hard on. I can say that as an important character in a story that spans across other movies and mediums, Hounded being the one currently in the cannon, Fixer was my most challenging yet rewarding role to date. To say the least, I was sad to see him go.

Now as a guy who visits the local comic book store weekly [lately I frequent Pulp Fiction Books and Comics in Culver City—a store that has become a haven to me during my work week], I can’t even relay to what level I geeked out while Fixer was being developed—from Ryan’s artwork and rendering of the characters to costuming and, of course, rehearsing with the cast and shooting the film. However after the movie wrapped, and weeks of separation anxiety, I was reinvigorated when Josh and Ryan released the Hounded issue #1 cover.

I can only hope that you readers out there are as excited as I am to be a part of the evolution of Hounded, and enter a world of Contractors, Mods, and corporate espionage in a dystopian future where characters like Fixer call the shots, and heroes like Will stand in the face of Hounds to finish a job. If you could just see me biting my nails, anxious for you to read through the perils and familiar characters that await in the forthcoming pages of Hounded #1.