Hounded #1: Page 26

Here it is, the final page of Issue #1 of Hounded. The whole issue is available right here on Crooked Abe – and soon we will be printing a first edition issue. The first edition printing will be a limited run – and we will find a way to make them available here, so keep an eye on the site!

Before we do that, we are making a final pass through the comic. Our colorist, Megan, joined us part way through the issue, and she has been working to go back through the early pages and redo the colors. (As I'm writing this, she has already redone 7-10, with 1-6 coming soon) Nathan has been going through and made some very keen observations about the story, which I am working to incorporate – so there will be some little story adjustments. (No major changes – the artwork is already done – but ways to provide a bit more detail about the world, and introducing Laurell just a little earlier in the issue) Meanwhile, Ryan is starting to work on the future. (More on that in a second.)

For me, it is incredibly reassuring to have found this group. We are all working for the future, but investing the time to prove ourselves. There is no such thing as an overnight success. (And before you start tossing out examples; really look at their history. Everyone had to learn their skills, practice their skills, do smaller jobs and work their way up to the bigger jobs.) You have to make choices along the way. If it is what you want to do – then you have to be willing to do it, just for the love of doing it. Work your craft, whatever it may be.

As the writer of both Fixer and Hounded, I have spent a lot of time exploring this world. I've planned the crossover moments (of which, this page is an important one) and have plans for the future. Trust me, I am already writing the next issue, the next movie – and even more. Currently, I am working on a big battle scene – but no spoilers.

As a team, we will undoubtedly return to Hounded, but for now we are going to take a short hiatus. When Issue #1 is 100% finished, we are going to take a step back from this story. ('But why?', you ask.) We have so many stories we want to tell as a team, that for a time, we are going to shift focus into a new world. Nathan has been working to develop another story (not related to Fixer / Hounded), but I've already had the chance to look at the script, and a lot of the background development he has done. And let me tell you; it's good. Ryan has started doing character sketches and designing the world.

The core concept for the new series: 'The Trenches' - A mechanic must hone the abilities he manifests from a nuclear terrorist attack in order to stop the ring of human and drug trafficking started by his father’s corrupt megacorp.

I can't wait to see this world come to life!

So, Hounded will return – and the team at Crooked Abe isn't going anywhere. We are creators, writers, artists, filmmakers, and are dedicated to continuing to bring you new material. We will still be working to bring you new stories, new shorts, new features, and of course; new comics.

Crooked Abe: Productions, with a twist.

From all of us here at Crooked Abe; thank you for checking out Hounded! And stay with us!

This is just the beginning.