Hounded #1: Page 25

As much as I nerd out over comic books, an avid reader of DC and Marvel titles, I still believe that there is nothing I enjoy reading more than a good, original story. Reflecting on Hounded, it’s exciting to know that with issue #1 nearing it’s end, and it’s feature film tie in, Fixer’s release still on the horizon, that the Hounded universe is out there in the world—and I’m proud to say that it’s an original story like no other.

I have always loved the independent arts. From literature, films, and music, indie work has always inspired me to continue to be a creator because there are so many stories to be told, and endless ways to tell them.

In the case of Hounded and Fixer, I have never been involved with a project like it. An independent film and comic crossover—with a lot more architecture left to build in the universe. From sequels within the Fixer series, an entirely different story arc, and the continuation of Hounded, the story is really just beginning. However, now that we are reaching the final pages of Hounded’s premier issue, I am so glad that the work will finally be out there for people to enjoy, and hopefully get as lost in the world as we did while creating this first chapter in the entire story.