Hounded #1: Page 21

'The problem with film as business is that it's an art. The problem with film as art is that it's a business.'

The same can be said for many ventures. It requires more than a good idea to make a movie, publish a book, or even create a web comic. It requires time, probably from multiple people. It requires a plan. It requires investment, maybe someone else's, but probably yours.

The bigger the endeavor, the bigger the challenge in putting together everything needed. The more likely it becomes that you will need more people as willing as you are to get involved.
Sometimes things can take off faster than you expect – and sometimes they can fall apart even faster.

It is those moments that define us. We've all heard it many times over. 'It's not about how many times you get knocked over. It's about how many times you get back up.' No matter how cliché, I maintain it's the truth. A project, a failure, a seeming defeat can consume you.

The reality is, I had two big names attached to a new film project. They backed out, and it hurt for a minute.

Yet, their leaving the project did not change all the development work that the team had done. It did not delete the scripts I wrote. It did not alter the production plan that I had begun. It did change the logistics, and it did create a little more work. Honestly; that's fine. I like to work.

Even as I came to grips with that whole situation (and embraced the idea that the business side of the equation is going to delay the project a while) – inspiration struck. I let the old go, and started building something new. I started pushing forward once more, and am now writing again. A new original project that is showing real promise.

It helps to have a support system. In a way, I envy the life I created for Will. I don't have a 'Laurell' in my life – but I do have my teammates here. I feel lucky to have found two – now three! - people who are as determined as I am, and who are true artists themselves.

If you have someone in your life that supports you – feel free to share a story below and say thanks. They probably deserve to hear it. All the best!

See you next week.