Hounded #1: Page 2

Hey all – it's exciting to be looking ahead at everything that is to come. Ryan and I are working hard on each step for this version of Hounded. We are nearing a rough cut of the entire movie of Fixer – and the composer has started his work as well. We are looking at a lot of fun new projects, a possible weekly web series, a much bigger (but still secret) project, a sequel for Fixer, and eventually getting Hounded on screen as well.

While I would love to talk more about each of those, today I want to reserve for someone special. I could probably talk about my mom for quite a bit (and she deserves it!). I don't visit very often (the look of complete shock when I surprised my mom last time said that quite clearly), I don't call and check in much, and we now live across the country from one another. But she has always been there.
I have grown and changed a lot, and my mom has always tried to grow with me. She knows I'm working hard, and that I push every day to focus on taking the next step. And I know I have a fan, looking forward to seeing me take my next step.

We all have people in our lives who have helped us at one time or another, but probably no one more than your mother. (All mother figures are included here – be it stepmom, foster mom, the aunt or grandma who raised you – whoever that special figure is for you!) Whether your relationship with them is perfect or not, take a minute and think about the good times.
Now give 'em a call. They deserve it!

There will be time to talk about the coming projects soon. There is a lot in the works.

This is just the beginning.