Hounded #1: Page 19

I’d like to jump into the fandom of ‘Hounded’ and thus ‘Fixer’ for those of you following the webcomic and film tie-in. In the last panel of page 18 we are told of the character Blake, “a supermod, not one of the cheap mods, no street surgery.” I don’t want to give too much away, but the name Blake is extremely important to the plot, especially in Fixer.

While you’re at it, jump back to page 16 and take a look at the first panel. That dashingly handsome man standing in the middle of the line at Base? None other than Client #7, one of the main characters in Fixer.

Oh, and all that stuff about mods, scars, test subjects, orphanages on page 17? You guessed it, also foreshadowing something important about Fixer.

Maybe what I’m trying to say is that Josh and Ryan know what they’re doing. Yes, the writer must have a direction and vision for how to properly tie in two storylines like this, but the artist must also put forth an extra bit of effort to insert cross-over moments in just the right places. With every page of Hounded, I look back to March when we shot Fixer, and the months between August and March leading up to the shoot, and am so happy to be able to say that I’ve been a part of this world for over a year now, and that I’m loving every minute of it.

As we are now ‘over the hill’ with Hounded issue 1, I am sad that we are coming closer to the end, but extremely excited to finish the issue and the film and take them to Stan Lee’s Comikaze. Wait, was I allowed to say that?

While Crooked Abe is still very much in the start-up phases, this past year we’ve all put a lot of energy into the work that we are showing you today. And the best part is that we still have more projects in post and preproduction that the world hasn’t even seen it. Each day we work hard to put our dreams into reality, follow our art, which is what we love, so that we can put it out there for you to, hopefully appreciate. And boy can I say, it is definitely worth the labor.