Hounded #1: Page 18

What do you think of crowd funding?

Is it a way for the up and comers to band together in mutual support? Mass market, publicized begging? A last ditch effort for projects that have failed everywhere else? Or an innovative way to bring new ideas to the people that really matter? (You and me!)

During the development of Fixer, I ran a campaign via IndieGoGo.com - and it helped me to lay down the foundation. Through that campaign I hired team members, secured locations, and built up wardrobe and props. I didn't have a studio at my back - and I relied on my audience to support my vision.

In a way, it's frustrating - because you see the hundreds of millions being spent on just a single movie - and trying to get access to the key decision makers within even the smaller studios can be a challenge.

One of the best ways to attract attention is to keep working. Keep releasing new material. People may not be looking for you specifically, but they do want content creators.
But how do you take on the truly eye-catching, noteworthy projects without some support?

It was that question that lead me to crowd funding -- and despite the frustration along the path, it was incredibly gratifying to see total strangers see value in my work, and the support from total strangers in countries all over the world got things started.

Family and friends stepped up as well - some in a rather dramatic fashion. When Ryan and I were in the military, we had many friends in common. One of which; Zach Pickel had been an incredible force for help. He single handedly contributed more than any other person.

Here is a quick hello from Zach:

First off, hi everyone! I have to thank Josh and Ryan for letting me be a part of Hounded. They’ve both shown so much creative genius as long as I’ve known them that I was more than happy to offer my support and contribute in any way that I could. Hounded is underway with more great things to come, and it will be interesting to see how Fixer will tie in. I know that there is a bright future for Josh, Ryan, and Nathan at Crooked Abe. And to the readers in the Philippines, maraming salamat sa inyong lahat!

Ryan and I are both very grateful for Zach's friendship and support -- and we wanted to do a little something in return.

We have hidden some Easter eggs - and more are certainly on their way, but this was one we wanted to openly share. The appearance of the character of Zach is directly modeled on our producer, supporter, and most of all: friend.

Thanks again Zach!