Hounded #1: Page 17

Why make Hounded a webcomic? Are you planning to publish Hounded? Two questions that I've been asked a surprising amount of times. The short answers are: Why not? And, Yes!

The long answers are, well… longer.

When Josh and I first talked about starting a comic together, the webcomic format immediately made the most sense. We are both avid readers of webcomics, and compulsive creators. We’d seen the amazing work that can be created over the web, and loved the availability of the medium. It’s easy to publish comics on the Internet, it’s easy to read them, and most importantly, it’s easy to interact with an audience.

As a maker, this medium is attractive because it lets me get my work out there immediately. Crooked Abe has a lot going on. We’re making films, short films, podcasts, videos and comics. Most are in the long-term category, but we wanted something that we could share with people right away. A Hounded comic that was only published traditionally would be one more long-term project. But, a Hounded webcomic could be published in real time.

On top of all that, this story, these characters, this world – the world of Hounded and Fixer is just too good not to share right away. As many of you know, the Hounded comic is set in the same world as our upcoming feature film, Fixer. Characters will intersect, storylines will overlap, and in many ways, it’s a single story told across variety of mediums. That’s not to say that you can’t enjoy one without the other, just that if you want the full picture – the full experience – you’ll want to experience it all.

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve started to give hints and dropped a couple Easter eggs. Characters from Fixer have made appearances on Page 10 and Page 16. To find out more about these characters, check out Crooked Abe’s Facebook page, as well as Fixer’s. But that’s not the extent of the Easter eggs. We have many more cross-overs coming up, and plenty of clues and hints at future events are sewn through out the pages.

The other question: Will Hounded be printed as a comic book? Yes, it will. Megan and I are pressing forward to get this issue ready for print. While we love everything that the Hounded webcomic brings to the table, it’s still no substitute for having a printed comic book in your hands. As we near our goal of completing issue one, keep coming back, and be on the lookout for details on how to secure your copy.