Hounded #1: Page 16

Welcome back to Hounded. We started this web comic back in early May. The story begins with Will on the mission he has just completed. To see the whole story, start it from the beginning.

You know, even with all I'm working on, I can't help but get excited each time a new project presets itself. Some projects are done in conjunction with Crooked Abe (the production company this website represents) - and some I take on by myself. Development starts very simply, and I grow the team step by step.

With the company, I have a new short film titled 'The End' which we are just putting the finishing touches on. It will be available soon, for free, right here at CrookedAbe.com - plus my ongoing work with Ryan and Megan on this very comic, and post production efforts on 'Fixer'.

On my own, I am talking to a musician friend about directing his next music video, writing a lot, and am now developing a project that will feature Brent Steffensen and Kacy Catanzaro from American Ninja Warrior.

And still, every time someone approaches me with a new idea, I can't help but consider it. I work every day, from the time I roll out of bed till the time I finally collapse back into it, working and building to create my reality.

I don't have more hours in the day. No time machine, time turner, time portal, or tardis. I am just dedicated to not relaxing, and always pushing forward.

What about you? What are you working toward?

And most importantly: Not tomorrow; today. What are you willing to do to take the next step toward it?

A friend of all of us has been working hard. A quick update from the man who played Client #7 in Fixer - Andrew Davis II:
Hey guys! Been on the hustle nonstop since shooting Fixer. I've since set up my home studio and am creating new music I can't wait to share. I'm also shooting another independent film called Scumbags in November. As my man Josh will tell you, the hustle never stops! Work hard, work smart and make your dream come true. I'll be sure to keep you guys updated on my upcoming music releases and shows. Peace.
Keep working. Keep grinding. It's worth it.

See you next week.