Hounded #1: Page 15

What is it about midnight that acts as a high-velocity generator for creativity? Midnight, and showers. Everyone's creative process is different, but this cliché happens so often that it's almost standard: It seems like the best ideas come while you're otherwise indisposed and, if you follow the poorly-timed rabbit hole, lead to the greatest results.

I came up with the idea for my first manuscript at around 10:30 PM, while I was supposed to be getting sleep for a big day out of town in the morning. By 11:30 PM I had a notebook crammed with details, and by 6 AM the next day had written, from start to finish, an entire scene-by-scene outline. Of course I hadn't gotten any sleep at all, but that didn't matter. A few weeks later, the completed manuscript's final result matched at every step of the way with this initial outline.

I've since learned to keep a pencil and notebook by my head just in case “sleeping” becomes “bait-and-switch impromptu brainstorming session”. While not all brainstorming sessions yield interesting—or even useable—results, without fail those that happen in the wee hours get picked up word for word into a manuscript. Weirdly, though, this creative trope is only true for me when it comes to writing. Art-wise, I tend to get my best ideas at whichever instant I finally decide to get up from the drawing tablet.

Is your muse equally sadistic? Or does your creative process have better timing?

As for Will—

His story has certainly taken a dramatic turn. We'll have to wait for next week's page to find out about “Headquarters”. Things are about to get complicated. . . .

Today's blog was written by Megan Brown.