Hounded #1: Page 12 - 13

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Yes, this is an on-going story, this page is a direct continuation of the one before – and next week, the page will be a direct continuation of this one.

All right, now that business is out of the way; how about an inside look at everything else that is going on?

Nathan and Ryan are starting development on a second comic book, an original concept from the actor who portrayed the title role in 'Fixer'; Nathan Elias.

Nathan has also begun two podcast series. One centers on music (and has some documentary videos shot a few years back) – the other on comics. (Both Ryan and myself appear in the first couple episodes, so if you want to get a deeper look into the process – check them out on their page on this site.)

Nathan has a couple additional projects that we can't talk about yet – but good things are in the work.

Josh is working with Joe (our editor) to complete postproduction work on 'Fixer' – and a trailer for the movie should be available any day. (Work continues on the feature as well)

Josh and Joe also just completed two short films – potential submission pieces for Project Greenlight – and we hope to feature them on this site as well.

Josh and the team have been developing a new project – featuring some very exciting names. We hope to be able to share more details soon.

Also – all three of the senior partners of Crooked Abe will be appearing at Stan Lee's Comikaze, coming later this year in Los Angeles. (Track us down, and we may have something very cool to share.)

All of this aside – I really have to make a special mention for Joe Hood. He has been editing Fixer – polishing the trailer for Fixer – coordinating short films shoots – working unreal hours to support us. Joe makes me push myself harder. I have so much respect for the efforts he has been putting in – and look forward to the work yet to come. (Also: special mention to Brad, Alex, Ian, and all the guys that have supported the short films – we really couldn't have done it without you.)

There is a lot of teases here – and I look forward to getting more specific. Stay with us – some very exciting announcements coming soon -all related to work that is going on now.

And as to Will and the Hounded comic; Will has made it out of the building, but can he stay there? Amazing things are just around the corner. See you next week!