Hounded #1: Page 10

There it is – the first true link to the film. Fixer is mentioned.

For the new visitors; Welcome! This story is an adaptation of a yet unproduced screenplay: 'Hounded'. As I wrote Hounded, I realized that there was another story, happening behind the scenes – and one that might be fun to see. So, I wrote a partner screenplay; 'Fixer'. Characters cross between the movies, actions in one affect the other – and while each story stands on its own, you can't know the full story without following both.

We were fortunate enough to successfully crowdfund 'Fixer' – and we shot the movie back in March. It is currently in post-production, and a trailer will be available very soon. With Hounded, we either needed a studio to get involved – or to find another way to tell the story. And so this comic was born.

Before I continue, I want to introduce our first crossover character. The unnamed Security Guard that is helping Will here appears in Fixer. Introducing the actor from the role; Joel Halstead.

Hi there Fixer fans and friends, 'tis I Client #2, or Joel as most people call me.

First and foremost, thank you for continuing to follow our projects like 'Fixer' and for taking on 'Hounded' into your adventure-filled lives. I have to say, it is so cool to be immortalized as a comic book character. I am also very excited to see how the futures of these wonderful sci-fi creations are going to take us all.

I can talk forever but typing is not my best form of communication so I leave you with a double thought that has moved me for years. “What are you willing to sacrifice to change your life for the best, and how can you humble yourself to except such greatness?” My love to you all and may you find simple happiness in the little things that keep us growing!

- Joel Halstead

Good to hear from Joel – and we will continue to hear from the actors as they cross over. I also hope to introduce some other voices into this discussion, from people throughout the industry.

But in the last panel, Will asks "What's next?" He, of course, is referring to the next step in his escape – but as the writer, I have a separate answer. We are going to have to make you wait for the next page to go live on Wednesday, July 23rd. (Yes, we are changing the day of the week – new pages will continue to roll out every Wednesday after this.)

So, why the delay?

We have so much planned for you. So many good things are on the way. New content will be appearing all over the site – and the site itself is going to have its look updated. (Cause, you know, you have to update your look every now and then.) We are soon releasing a new multi-platform documentary web series called Start A Fire about the independent music scene in Ohio featuring podcasts with the musicians – not to mention a trailer for Fixer is very close – and we will even be giving some teaser artwork exploring the world of Hounded.

So, check out the other content on the site! You may be surprised to see thing popping up regularly for the next couple weeks.

But, within the comic; what is your favorite page so far? And who do you think Laurell is? (the voice on the radio that is advising Will)

I'm excited to share this next step with you, so stay with us, and check back regularly! You never know when we might sneak a teaser out. Share your favorites with us and your friends.

This is just the beginning.

– Josh