Hounded #1: Cover

It's been a long road, but the beginning is now finally in sight. Josh and I have been friends for a long time, and I've always admired his inability to think small.

When we first began talking about this universe, I figured that he was thinking about making a feature set there. I should have known better. Within a few months he had rough outlines for as many as six films and a parallel graphic novel! Ambitious is an understatement.

The world he created is detailed, intriguing and vast; a futuristic dystopia of what could be. Imagine a world where corporations run unshackled by restrictions of government; where economic disparity and overpopulation make today's problems seem insignificant. Those that have, enjoy all the power. Those that have not will do whatever it takes to feed themselves and their families. In this world "whatever it takes" usually means abandoning their humanity and giving in to genetic modifications. Power and violence rule the streets, and monsters stalk the shadows.

But all of this is just the setting. The real genius of this world are the human stories that Josh creates. The characters of this world have depth and complexity, and story lines will merge and entangle in ways you'll never expect.

And, the best part: this comic is just an introduction to the world. Come with us and explore the possibilities as we get ready for Fixer.