Profile - Judge

As mentioned in the Warrior write up; the judges were the new face of law enforcement. Even as all manner of mod was crawling the street, and supermods (mods that can look human, and transform at will) became the go-to bodyguards of the rich and powerful – robotics was carefully regulated by the government. Private or corporate robotics development is quickly cracked down on, and stiff penalties are imposed. Ultimately, robotics is deemed to expensive to research (especially if the government steps in, steals all your work and seizes all your assets anytime you make any progress) – and mods are successful enough to keep the focus there, that the government fully controls robotics.

This wasn't deemed to be a big deal, until the judges hit the streets. The average judge stands eight feet tall, is covered in weapons that it is all too ready to use, and seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the law. They are perfect tireless government enforcers. When they first appeared, people debated whether it is a fully automated android – or some sort of amp suit, with a rider inside.

The question was never officially answered, and people have stopped asking. Now they just do everything they can to avoid the judges.

Ruthlessly efficient and swift in taking action, judges have held the balance in the streets. Keeping the modded gangs in tight enough control that the balance is held.

For now.