Mod Profiles - Seeker

As science approached the idea of canine mods, it was not a far leap to realize that the effect of the mod would be drastically different. A three time silver medalist frustrated with his inability to close the gap to gold sought help from a scientist friend. And thus the first greyhound mod was made.
While he was ultimately expelled from the games, he found employment as a member of a local search and rescue team. His senses were heightened enough that he was valuable, and his speed was enhanced to where he was indispensable. Over his career, he saved dozens of lives.

There was, of course, a military application.

'Seekers' became the go to specialists in tracking down high value targets on the battle field. The artificial lengthening of the forearms became standard to ease running on all fours. The jaw was modified to help with take downs. Senses were ramped up even more. The result was completely effective.

Greyhound mods, or 'Seekers', became a must have on every military squad, police force, and security team. Independent Seekers became the go to contractor for missing persons and the right hand man for bounty hunters everywhere.

As the poverty rates increased, getting modded became a solution to break out of the slums. As the street shops started to advertise; 'It's worth saving for. Transform yourself, transform your life!'