Mod Profiles - Reptilian

Today we unveil the new look of While we're still hard at work bringing you some amazing content, we thought this would be a good time to re-introduce some of the various genetic modifications (or Mods) that populate - and terrorize - the world of Hounded. Today we begin with:

Reptilian mods.


Leapers. (so called, because they reminded everyone of lepers.)

The initial push for the incorporation of reptilian dna was in regards to the potential healing of amputees. The thought that, if this dna truly was integrated, that humankind may be able to regrow limbs – was more than enough for scientist to begin testing.

Initial test subjects failed. Horribly. Vision damaged, skin flaking off, an inability to regulate temperature, and even worse. In some cases, test subjects would drop limbs, lose the ability to reason, become true animals.

But, some testing showed promise. Certain test subjects did show increased healing – and as scientists refined the process – finally; success. A young amputee started to regrow a leg he had lost in an accident. While he did develop patches of scales, and he had to be kept in a climate controlled room – after time to let the leg grow – he took his first step on his own legs again in over a year.

When he finished healing, he was released – and returned to his life. Unfortunately, he was not accepted back into his community. He returned to school, and was received with fear and hate.

Six weeks later, his body was found just outside of his hometown. He had been tied to a fence post and beaten to death.

Local authorities made a halfhearted investigation, but no perpetrator was ever arrested.

I'd like to say it got better.

It hasn't.

Reptilian mods now hide in the fringes of society. Very few people now choose to join the leapers.