Mod Profile - Warrior

As scientists started experimenting with size, they realized that test subjects did not always react well to the mod. If a subject did not already have a large frame to support the bulk, the mod could be crippling.

So, despite even more failures, more scars – the new generation was created. Bigger than any before it. A true Warrior – born of the addition of mastiff DNA. The mod caused incredible growth, surpassing even the Bashers. Warrior mods are still less common, as the subject has to be carefully screened and selected, but Warriors changed the course of many battles.

With the armed forces swelling their ranks with mods, force reductions became possible. Smaller elite, and mostly well modded groups became the standard. Warriors did not just transform the military, they changed the country as well. Street mods, looking for camaraderie started to flock together, Warriors were natural leaders.

Modded street gangs became increasingly typical. To paraphrase the old saying; 'Power corrupts, modded power corrupts absolutely.' Gangs of mods, already on the fringes of society, started feeling less of a reason to bend to the whims of the 'norms' (us normal, unmodded folk) around them. Warriors led gangs of bashers and seekers – and started to take what they wanted.
Law enforcement, unable to keep up with the growing violence, launched the judges. The new face of law enforcement. (More on them later)

But with renegade Warriors on the street, once more the question was asked; 'How can we fight them? Can we make something bigger?'