Mod Profile - Ursine

In search of something that could retake dominance over the rogue Warriors, science looked away from the canine strains, and started experimenting with all sorts of mods. Many failed. Scar population soared. Many attempts did create drastic change, but the subject was deemed unusable. Feline mods were difficult to control. (The use of domestic cat was successful, but the subjects were not successful in combat training. Larger feline breeds proved more worth exploring.)

Yet, it was an ursine mod that proved the most successful.

Bear mods.

The increase in size proved to be too much for many subjects, but those that survived...

Incredible, ferocious, and dominant in combat. More importantly; they were most responsive to chain of command. Ursine street mods are rare. But, if you can afford it, a syringe full of nanomites can turn you into a supermod. A mod who can look fully human, but can transform into the modded state.

Now; ursine supermods are some of the most expensive, and most in demand, bodyguards. Many are willing to take the risk of attempting the mod – because if you survive; your future is secure. Some began as penniless and homeless, but after surviving the ursine mod, have risen – even to the very top of the ranks of Genetech. The same corporation where Blake stands at the right hand of CEO Randolph Sibley.