Mod Profile - Basher

Whether the pit bull deserves its reputation or not is still under debate in some circles (The director thinks they are beautiful, loving, and fiercely loyal, but not all are so enlightened – even in the future setting of Fixer). However, when pit bull DNA was incorporated into a mod; the results were undeniable.
Bashers had the heightened senses of the Seekers, the discipline of the Sentinels, but were terrifying in close quarters combat. They happily volunteered for every front line mission, and were deadly efficient. In combat, whether on the battlefield abroad or in suppressing domestic events – Bashers were unequaled in their effectiveness and ferocity.

So effective, in fact, that independent factions went to the trouble of stealing the process.

Bashers fighting Bashers was quickly demonstrated to be a recipe for devastation and record amounts of collateral damage.

Decision makers started asking for something bigger...