Hey guys! My name is Justin Netterville. Some of you might recognize me for playing Samuel - one of the bodyguards to Fixer.

Recently, I graduated from a private art school in San Francisco that really pushed me to work my hardest and to pursue a dream in this every changing and difficult industry. I knew I wanted to be an actor for the longest time but I grew up in the mid-west so California always seemed like a type of fantasy land that only existed in shows and on TV. Also there was not much film work to be had or theatre work for that matter so when I got called to be an extra for this small indie film, that probably didn't make it anywhere, I was more excited than someone winning the lottery because in my mind this was my first real industry job. I was only sixteen and it was an amazing experience that really fortified my love for film. Of course I didn't realize it would be another couple years before I was able to be in another film.

Once I finished high school in Colorado I moved to San Francisco were I really started to pursue my dream of becoming an actor. I was incredibly nervous about coming out to California especially a big city like San Francisco but I soon realized it would probably be the best 4 years of my life. I was surrounded by people who were as passionate as I was about the arts and it was a rejuvenating feeling. I have to say this rejuvenating feeling has yet to stop and this was about 5 years ago. When I started school in San Francisco I never realized how hard it would be to impress my instructors who have made their living within this industry and how much will power it took to not quit and give up. These experiences however made me a confident actor and a confident person.

My last semester of college I was contacted by Joshua Marc Allen, an amazing friend I made in San Francisco, asking me if I wanted to be a part of his movie. Of course I said yes! The movie itself was a great experience. The people I met, the people I got to see again, and the love for film that everyone shared. There is nothing else in the world like this industry and I consider myself a lucky person to be able to live in Los Angeles and pursue my dreams.