It is interesting to me, when I listen to filmmaker's commentaries on finished movies, when I hear them talk about how they were finishing aspects of the movie right up into the final days before it premiered in theaters. But the truth in that situation is now more clear than ever. Over the last few weeks, I have made a lot of changes to the trailer (to include adding the music; 'Wings of Icarus' by Celldweller) - and even last night rewatched it several more times, questioning. (But at some point, you have to trust your team and yourself)

The bottom line is; I'm incredibly proud of all the work the team has put in on this project. From the actors; who willingly rehearsed months in advance - to the crew that maintained a crazy pace, in order to successfully navigate the shooting schedule - to the post team led by our editor Joe Hood, who is now working two jobs and editing in his copious amounts of spare time - everyone has really gone above and beyond to help realize this project.

Nathan Elias (the actor in the title role of Fixer) put in amazing work creating the character, and really bringing it every day on set. He is one of the most dedicated actors I have ever had the pleasure of working with - and it was his attention to detail that really helped flesh out the world in the partner story; Hounded.

Having a track by Celldweller on this trailer is very cool to me - as Klayton's music was my writing soundtrack, and helped inspire the world of Hounded & Fixer.

I'm proud to share this first trailer, and will have more to share as we get closer to finishing the work on the movie. Thank you all for being with us - and a special thank you to the now more than 26,000 supporters on our Facebook page. You are all amazing - and your support means more than I can say.

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As Fixer says right at the end of this first trailer; 'This is just the beginning.'