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Life is funny sometimes.

I think we all have ideas – concepts we create to better our lives, and possibly bring change to the world around us.

Maybe it's something little, like a new dish that the restaurant you work at should offer. Maybe it's a way to economize your home, reduce your bills. Maybe it's something to change the town you live in, that you bring to your local city hall.

Or maybe, like me, you want to create.

Stop. Go to the 'First' button, click it, and read this from the beginning.

No really, it's ok. I'll wait.

All caught up? Good!

This is an on-going story, an adaptation of a screenplay (and one that I'd love to get on screen eventually) – but until that happens, I am incredibly excited by having my writing brought to life in another one of my passions – comics.

Hey all – it's exciting to be looking ahead at everything that is to come. Ryan and I are working hard on each step for this version of Hounded. We are nearing a rough cut of the entire movie of Fixer – and the composer has started his work as well. We are looking at a lot of fun new projects, a possible weekly web series, a much bigger (but still secret) project, a sequel for Fixer, and eventually getting Hounded on screen as well.