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Here it is, the final page of Issue #1 of Hounded. The whole issue is available right here on Crooked Abe – and soon we will be printing a first edition issue. The first edition printing will be a limited run – and we will find a way to make them available here, so keep an eye on the site!

'The problem with film as business is that it's an art. The problem with film as art is that it's a business.'

The same can be said for many ventures. It requires more than a good idea to make a movie, publish a book, or even create a web comic. It requires time, probably from multiple people. It requires a plan. It requires investment, maybe someone else's, but probably yours.

What do you think of crowd funding?

Is it a way for the up and comers to band together in mutual support? Mass market, publicized begging? A last ditch effort for projects that have failed everywhere else? Or an innovative way to bring new ideas to the people that really matter? (You and me!)

Welcome back to Hounded. We started this web comic back in early May. The story begins with Will on the mission he has just completed. To see the whole story, start it from the beginning.

You know, even with all I'm working on, I can't help but get excited each time a new project presets itself. Some projects are done in conjunction with Crooked Abe (the production company this website represents) - and some I take on by myself. Development starts very simply, and I grow the team step by step.

Click the 'first' button and read it from the beginning. Go on, you know you really should.

Or heck, click the 'prev' button, and remind yourself exactly how Will ended up in this moment.

Yes, this is an on-going story, this page is a direct continuation of the one before – and next week, the page will be a direct continuation of this one.

All right, now that business is out of the way; how about an inside look at everything else that is going on?

There it is – the first true link to the film. Fixer is mentioned.

For the new visitors; Welcome! This story is an adaptation of a yet unproduced screenplay: 'Hounded'. As I wrote Hounded, I realized that there was another story, happening behind the scenes – and one that might be fun to see. So, I wrote a partner screenplay; 'Fixer'. Characters cross between the movies, actions in one affect the other – and while each story stands on its own, you can't know the full story without following both.